Data Center AI Solutions

Energy Saving Optimization

The Solution

Industry Grade Digital Twin Solution

With SafeEye, A data-driven deep model that is designed to capture sophisticated relationship between supply (Facility) and demand (IT) side, that is used to predict the future state of the data centre and hence provide insights for improvement

Risk Management

Risk Management Lowering human errors risk by up to 70%​

Predictive Maintenance

Reduce up to 75% of all breakdowns​

Dynamic Cooling Optimisation

Save up to 40% of cooling energy cost​

Capacity Management

Increase capacity utilisation by 2x​

Artificial Intelligence - Key Differentiator

Saves energy while preventing risk

Continuous online learning algorithms

Faster CFD simulation with AL and pre-trained models

Combined power and cooling mechanism

Life Cycle Management

AI-Driven Applications For The Entire Data Centre's Life Cycle


Design Validation

Risk Validation

Change Validation


Performance Analysis

Anomaly Detection

Lifespan Prediction



Green Mark Assessment

Design-Build Verification

Design "Flaws" Detection


PUE Optimisation

Thermal Risk Mitigation

Cooling Cost Reduction

Our Core Technology

How it works

Risk Aware Mechanism

Our Full Stack Solution

Single Platform

Cooling Energy Optimization

Use Cases

Anomaly Detection Warning signs for impending operational threats

Predict Component/Equipment Failure Identify performance issues or a deterioration in an asset

Predictive Maintenance Condition-based maintenance to anticipate maintenance needs before they become urgent

Root Cause Analysis Pinpoints the reason of underlying cause of an incident

Alarm Suppression Suppress alarms when multiple alarms occur for a single process event

Digital Twin Synthesize dataset on demand Validate AI recommendations

Cooling Optimization Identify Optimal Settings, Configurations Analyses velocity, pressure, and temperature predictions

Data Centre Energy Efficiency Benchmarking Evaluate the performance of a data center facility and compare it one or more facilities

Predictive Sustainability Operating at peak efficiency, without wasting energy


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