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Virtual Exercise Therapy System

Virtual Exercise Therapy System (VETS) is an exergames platform that is suitable for physical rehabilitation. The platform consists of exercises and games that can be played by patients or anyone who wants to exercise.

The settings for the exercises and games can be personalized for each individual user in terms of the duration and number of reps. VETS have been used by elderlies as well as young adults. Children would also enjoy the games which are available in VETS.

VETS has undergone multiple studies and has been published in peer-reviewed journals before it was commercialized in March 2021.

Wearables with Soft Sensors

We incorporate our soft sensors into wearables so that physical rehab data can be captured effectively and objectively without the need for physical rehab therapists to observe patients continuously.

The nature of the soft sensors makes it easy to measure the range of motion for most parts of the human body. These sensors can be embedded into gloves, knee and ankle guards, and various clothing.

These wearables are suitable specifically for users who have limited mobility due to their conditions or injuries. Typically, such users are either bed-bound or limited to their wheelchairs.

The expected launch date for these wearables beginning with the gloves is expected to be soon.


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