Kofax -The Industry’s Leading AI-Powered | Intelligent Automation Platform

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Kofax -The Industry’s Leading AI-Powered | Intelligent Automation Platform

Revolutionize your business-critical operations through actionable insights and data-intensive workflow automation.


Embrace the Future of Automation with the Kofax TotalAgility® Platform. Combine the latest advancements in Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence to deliver unmatched business efficiency through data-intensive workflow automation. Expand the platform with tailor-made intelligent automation solutions to effortlessly tackle your biggest operations challenges.


Digitally transform your core business processes with intelligent automation and gives great impact on your current business ecosystem

Rethink Your Business with a Smarter Workflow Experience

True digital transformation is about working smarter across your organization, from the front office to the back office, to grow revenues and profits. It’s about employees working more efficiently while delivering a frictionless customer experience. Discover how Kofax intelligent automation can help you build the tomorrow you want, today.

Power Your Processes a Smarter Way

Intelligent Automation

Improve business-critical operations through data-intensive workflow automation and actionable insights with the leading Intelligent Automation Platform.

Financial Process Automation

Get faster and more accurate data processing with the power of intelligent automation to streamline your invoicing, reconciliation, and payments, while ensuring global compliance.

Document Automation & Security

Take your document and printing management to new heights with efficient and secure solutions that streamlines and automates document management while also providing advanced security.

Document Productivity

Save time, increase productivity and protect your confidential information with our market-leading document productivity and e-signing solutions

Transform Your Information-Intensive Business Workflows


Your organization runs on digital workflows—sequential tasks like onboarding, invoice processing or approving documents—that are part of a complex business process.

Our experience guiding 25,000+ customers through their digital transformation journeys tells us that high-value automation opportunities involve document intelligence, connected systems and process orchestration.

Automate Core Accounts Payable Workflows

  • Accounts Payable Automation
  • Drive touchless processing, realize sustainable growth and exercise full control over spend by managing accounts payable workflows more effectively.

  • Bank Statement Processing
  • Tools for your finance function to work smarter, not harder.

  • Invoice Processing
  • Streamline the invoicing process. Improve business continuity.

Digitize Customer Workflows With Automation

  • Claims Processing
  • Transform your claims process and the level of service you deliver by deploying a fully-automated claims processing solution.

  • Customer Onboarding
  • Turn customer onboarding into your competitive advantage. Kofax intelligent automation accelerates the client onboarding journey for organizations in any industry.

  • Loan Processing
  • Revolutionize your traditional paper-laden lending process with a solution that streamlines loan processing, from origination to closing.


Build Your Own Workflow with KOFAX A Complete AI Intelligent Platform

We make it easy to connect systems, applications and data to streamline any custom, business-critical workflow.


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