Industrial Safety AI Solutions

Workplace Safety Environment

The Solution

Industrial Workplace Safety with SafeEye

With SafeEye, on-site cameras will be able to autonomously identify potential dangers posed to workers before an accident occurs. Safety Officers will subsequently be notified to take action and improve safety dialogues overtime.

Safety Consultation

Tailored and customised Solutions

AI Detection

More than 90% of common Hazzards

Real-Time Alerts

Live alerts sent to safety officers

EHS Reports

Live dashboard analytics and Reports

Artificial Intelligence Solution

95% Less Accidents

70% Less Manpower Cost

Error-free Progress Tracking

1 Million USD Cost saved (Per Injury Case)

Easy Setup and Application

Only 3 steps to deploy

Capture with your available cameras

Process with our AI technology

Monitor via cloud or edge. No extra censoring device required

Data Privacy is a top priority at SafeEye. Our software does not capture any personally identifiable information from the visual data that we process.

By integrating safety expertise into innovative AI IoT solutions, this forms the building blocks.

How it works

How we work

  • Our safety architects will collaborate with your company’s safety team to find the best safety plan devised that meets the regulations
  • We will come up with a tailored safety intelligence platform consisting of specific tools and modules powered by AI. Video analytics and IoT for you.
  • Installation of hardware and services will be done on your behalf (Either existing cameras or new cameras will be utilised/installed)
  • The Internal AI would carry out predictive analytics to forecast safety trends, raise safety awareness and thus prevent future accidents.
  • Dashboard and further data analytics can be accessed on the platform 24/7
  • Real-time and continuous alerts will inform safety officers if there is a violation

Industrial Safety - Sample Videos

Capturing Active & Inactive Machines

Working in Safe / Unsafe Locations Capturing


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